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7 ways to use sales promotion to engage with customers and drive sales

There are many sales promotion devices which you can use to engage and excite customers and encourage them to purchase your products. Here are 7 great ideas from TLG to spark interest, interaction and ultimately drive sales.

  1. Bottle Hangers
    A way to ensure your product stands out on the shelf – use a bottle hanger. This bespoke format can be shaped to suit your item and reflect your current marketing campaign.
  2. Using fragrance
    Scent is one of the most evocative senses and using fragrance release on your promotion will make it more memorable and stand out from your competition.
  3. Game Cards
    Customers love the chance to win and you can engage their interest both with the game and with your product or service. TLG are experts in providing gaming products and will advise the best way to maximise your campaign results.
  4. Die-cut shapes
    Always eye-catching and bold using a die-cut shape makes it simple to reflect either your product or campaign. Your product will stand out and you can use this with fragrance burst to really engage your customers.
  5. Using a pop-up device
    Bring your product or service to life and encourage sales by using a pop-up format. The contour cut can be tailored to your design and showcase your campaign in a dynamic and interesting way.
  6. Include a Loyalty card
    Provide your customers their own die-cut personalised loyalty card within your mailing to show their loyalty is rewarded. 15% of loyalty reward statements drive a purchase and 14% drive traffic to the sender’s website. A loyalty card can be used for a single promotion or for more long-term regular use helping to capture customer purchase behaviour for further targeted offers.
  7. Add a special effect
    Would your offer benefit from a touch of glitter? The more tactile feel of an emboss? A glossy sealer to enhance its value? Talk to us about adding a special effect to your mailing.

Using sales promotion ideas with mail is a really exciting and engaging way of driving customer purchases. Every format idea is different and is tailored to your product or service and campaign. All formats can incorporate new ideas to bring something fresh to your campaign and ultimately improve your customer experience.

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The sales promotion needs to strike the right note with your customer to drive engagement and response. We are experts at ensuring the promotion is created at the right cost to meet your acquisition targets.

Rest assured, TLG have the knowledge and expertise to support all of your sales promotion requirements.

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