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Annual Report and Accounts

The distribution of Annual Reports is governed by the Companies Act 2006. Every company must send a copy of its annual Report and Accounts to all members (Clause 423). Even in the 21st Century, publishing company Annual Reports and Accounts physically remains the preferred option. This media detail is essential to provide news on company activities, financial performance and future strategies. Extremely high profile with the Finance, Corporate and Business world, clients require absolute certainty and confidence they are working with print partners who understand their demands.
The YM Group offer confidentiality, industry leading security protocols, efficient workflows, print accuracy, time-critical production and attention to detail.
A streamlined workflow with regular robust proofing stages are crucial to ensure everything is produced according to the clients exacting specifications. Production can have very tight turn-around times with last minute alterations and we pride ourselves in our speed of response and first-class customer service. Essential attributes with any partnership. The YM Group can offer a highly flexible service, with a wide range of printing solutions incorporating Corporate branding of the highest quality. Customers often require a special pantone colour to be printed to match their corporate colours. With the capability to print more than 4 colours this is where our printing presses come into their own.
In addition to printing, we also mail out financial literature in the most cost effective way for our customers. Instead of polythene and envelopes for enclosing why not enjoy the benefits of our award winning YM Paper Wrap.

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