Product Formats

Short grain presses offer diverse formats with paper savings.

Within the YM Group we have a range of both long and short grain printing presses.

We have invested in the largest portfolio of short-grain presses to enable our clients to produce interesting and diverse publications that are not restricted to standard A5 or A4 formats.  By simply rotating the pages on the short grain press (smaller cut off) and purchasing narrower width paper to suit each publication, clients have a greater choice of publication formats without incurring huge costs associated with paper wastage.

Less paper wastage is also better for your carbon footprint.

  • Long grain product ideal for standard A4 and A5 formats
  • Short grain products
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • 4pp, 6pp, 8pp covers with UV or aqueous coating
  • Inline trimmed products 4pp-80pp
  • Fragrance


Imagination and Know-How. Now anything is possible

In addition to providing the standard printed formats you would expect from your print provider we go one step further and can offer you bespoke printed solutions. Clients often approach us with ideas that are technically complex to produce and require a non-standard solution. Our team of creatives and engineers relish a challenge and will push the technical boundaries of conventional print to produce both innovative and engaging campaigns.

With a little imagination, the right equipment and the printing know-how you’ll be amazed at what we regularly produce for our clients.

Some of the formats we provide include:

  • 6 page wallet with onsert
  • Fragrance test format
  • Kiss cut products
  • In-line invite pack with flyers
  • Paper wrap and in-line wallet
  • 3D pop up
  • Greetings card with integrated card
  • Inline Maltese cross
  • Integrated letter label sheet
  • Game cards
  • Slider
  • Stepped brochure with flap
  • Sticker dry peel card