Mailing & Fulfillment

Better for your budget, your schedules and the environment.

Mailing can consume a large proportion of your marketing budget and we therefore our in-house experts are on hand to advise and source the most cost efficient method for every campaign.

Having print production and fulfillment services at all our sites makes the process smoother and quicker plus there are real benefits to be gained from using our in-house mailing services. We have invested in 10 standard mailing lines plus several specialist lines and have a team of hand finishers for any specialist requirements.

By keeping production under one roof we have more control over production schedules and therefore can be more flexibility than many mailing houses, something our clients find particularly helpful when working to tight deadlines.

You will not only save on the transport costs but also reduce your carbon footprint. It’s kinder on your pocket and better for the environment too.


Many of our customers chose a polywrap mailer as it is a quick, flexible and economic option.  We enclose your direct mail items including onserts and inserts in high quality clear or printed polywrap. Your contents will be immediately showcased to your customer in this lighter and economic option.

Paperwrap is popular with clients who want to extend their messages on the outer package. This kind of sustainable solution also attracts postal savings from Royal Mail. See how Go Outdoors has benefitted from using a paperwrap cover.

Creative Solutions. If you are looking for a specialist solution then our creative team at The Lettershop Group has reengineered many solutions for many challenging mailers. If you have an idea come and talk to the team. You may be surprised what we can do with paper!

  • Inkjet addressed and poly wrapped/naked catalogues and magazines
  • High volume, paper wrapped formats
  • Conventional paper enveloping for direct mail packs
  • Secure fulfillment operation
  • Advice on postage

How we have helped some of our customers

We find the most cost efficient route to your mail recipient’s letterbox, selecting the product which best suits your creative design, or reengineering your design to deliver the most cost effective format.

Melvin Green, Postal Services Manager