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Innovative Print Finishes

Catalogue and magazine covers need to pop!
The front cover is the no 1 page for brands, promoting messages and selling products. The YM Group is ideally placed to support customers create a truly unique cover which sets the standards in innovation.
You can enhance your cover with a variety of coatings including for example UV varnish, a fluorescent pantone colour, foil blocking or even a combination. A special choice is the soft touch varnish that can be added for that luxurious feel.
Printed full colour, personalised covers are a powerful marketing tool for catalogues and magazines.
Having an additional printing unit on many of our web offset presses allows the inclusion of a sealer varnish onto a matt/silk paper to help prevent any marking during the print process. This is a critical factor for many clients needing the assurance for an extra high quality, aspirational catalogue or magazine.
The extra printing unit can allow us to add a 5th colour to your text pages and match any specific branding requirements.
Another innovation is the ability to also add a fragrance to the page. Customers simply rub the page, burst the encapsulations and release the fragrance.
The finishing lines in Lettershop can create direct mail full of exciting added value services with die cutting, multiple varnishes, coatings, fragrances and glitter to name a few. Working closely with us, together we will create an innovative and unique product completely personalised to your needs.

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