Customer Retention & Analytics

To implement a successful customer contact strategy, it is important to understand your customers, what makes them tick and how best to communicate with them. Customer acquisition and retention is key to business growth and the value of customer data should never be under estimated.

We work with clients to understand their customers and their purchasing habits in order to ensure that communications are timely and relevant. This leads to better results, less wastage and ultimately a better return on investment.

Over the years we have also developed strong working relationships with key suppliers who can also offer complimentary skills and experience.

Our campaign planning service encompasses the following:

  • Development of customer contact strategy
  • Strategic advice on mailing plans and offers
  • Analysis and interpretation of mailing results to implement further retention plans
  • Recruitment proposals for cold data (data pools, swaps and third party lists)
  • Planning meetings
  • Timing plans for all mailings
  • Day to day handling of data planning and briefing
  • Matchback analysis of mailing results
  • Coordination and attendance of meetings with preferred suppliers
  • Analysis and interpretation of any optimisation or segmentation reports

For all strategy and planning enquiries please contact Adrian Scott or Alison Child on 0113 302 3060

How we have helped some of our customers

Go Direct have now worked with Bamboo Clothing for nearly 4 years helping them with their direct marketing strategy on both retention and acquisition. In this time their turnover has grown 6 times from 1.5 million to 6 million and revenues are projected to exceed 8 million this year. Bamboo have now started to use Go Analyse (Go Directs real time data reporting system) and this will help Bamboo by giving them instant KPI’s and results, enabling them to react very quickly to market conditions and trends.