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Excite and engage your customers by using Paper Wrap for your catalogue or magazine mailings. Originally designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to replace single use polywrap, Paper Wrap is now also chosen for its ability to enhance your brand, product and offer in a high quality, beautifully printed, paper outer wrap. 

Paper Wrap can be printed with colour or mono personalisation, turning into the outer into an additional feature of your paper communications. There are many options for a more bespoke feel. Multiple items can be enclosed, allowing you to fully engage your customers with additional information including third party inserts. A range of opening devices are available to add a different feel to your mailing. Large and small sizes of magazines can be accommodated.

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    Paper Wrap - the greener option

    For catalogue and magazine customers who want to move away from polywrap, YM Group offers the Paper Wrap mailing.

    Rather than encase your brochures, letters and flyers in plastic, customers can choose to wrap products in paper, providing a cleaner, greener option for brochure mailings.

    Fully personalised for better customer engagement
    The Paper Wrap is full colour personalised through the digital printing process which gives clients a huge advantage and improved return on investment through more effective targeting.

    Lower postage cost
    With paper wrapping you can access a full Mailmark product and using our help to meet the right specification you are able to qualify for postage and sustainability discounts.

    Product development – the testing behind the Paper Wrap product

    YM Group have led the charge to find a paper-based alternative to polywrap that was fit for purpose, commercially viable and, crucially, fully recyclable. Engaging proactively with customers and consumers the YM Group also worked very closely with Royal Mail’s technical team to create potential solutions. Multiple trials were conducted over a period of several months until the product was deemed satisfactory.
    The Group’s close liaison with Royal Mail throughout the planning and R&D stage has ensured the Paper Wrap product can qualify for a variety of Royal Mail discounts. Therefore, much of the perceived additional cost of transferring from plastic to paper is offset by the additional savings realised through postal discounts.
    The fact that the Paper Wrap can be used for both A4 and A5-size products has proved a compelling proposition. It has sparked huge interest amongst a variety of Retailers, Publishers and the subscription magazine sector.

    Paper Wrap for RHS

    100% Recyclable

    • Promotes greener brand image and keeps their customers loyal
    • 100% recyclable
    • Variable marketing to increase ROI
    • Can be printed digitally up to 5 colour litho / 4 colour digital together with special coatings -promoting branding
    • Income from advertising revenue eg. regionalised
    • Speed to market – no long lead times for pre-printed envelopes
    • Multiple publications, inserts and onserts can be added to pack
    • No carrier sheet required in paper wrap pack
    • Postage discounts

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