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We’re all familiar with the metrics to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing: CTRs, Ad impressions and conversions. These provide the insight to support strategic decision making and incremental improvements to drive sales.

But did you know this was also all available for the mail channel?

Mail success has always been notoriously hard to measure and is sometimes overlooked despite driving sales and engagement, increasingly so during the lockdown period. In this busy digital environment, with online marketing costs increasing, it is worth considering a new way of driving web engagement and sales.

Paper Click – your new digital marketing tool

Paper Click combines the best of targeting, creativity, a tactile and interactive customer experience and dashboard reporting to integrate with your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s look at four ways you can use Paper Click

All data sourced from JICMAIL

How does Paper Click work?

Planning – selecting your best customer targets

Using Paper Click is easy. Once you’ve briefed us on your campaign objectives, we’ll work with you to establish the right data selections:

Creative – designing a stand-out mail piece

Together we can create the right mail piece – we have a wealth of experience in responsive design and provide support in all aspects of creating a cost-effective, impactful mailing.

Execution – producing and delivering the best quality

To make sure your customers are delighted with your mailing, we have extensive onsite capability to produce your mail campaign to the highest quality and ensuring on time delivery.

Reporting – letting you see the hits and conversions

Uniquely, your mailing will carry an EasyZap code. Read our blog here. This QR code contains icons linking your customers to:

  • Campaign landing page – which can be pre-personalised
  • Order or enquiry forms – again which can contain customer details
  • Targeted offers
  • Video or animations
  • Contact details

Try our EasyZap code below to see how it links you to our latest online content

As your customers are using your code to access online content, so you are able to see and track their activity. This will show you how successful your Paper Click campaign has been to drive web traffic and online sales.

8 reasons Paper Click campaigns work so well

  1. They are targeted – data selections can be made of the best targets based on your existing customer profiles & geographies
  2. They are proactive & delivered – the mail is delivered to your home and engage with it even if it’s just to pick it up. If you aren’t home (logged off or on holiday) the mail is there waiting for you!
  3. They have dwell time – Mail stays in the home 7.8 days and door drops 5.64 days
  4. They drive impressions – Mail reaches 1.13 people with a frequency of 4.5 so based on this a mailing of 10,000 has 51,060 impacts and door drops has 30,855 impacts.
  5. They drive volume clicks/responses – The reach of Door Drops becomes a more compelling attribute in the context of delivering 69% of new donors – See Whistl example from a charity campaign:
  1. They are timed – this makes it ideal to integrate with other channels and create the awareness to make online really fly
  2. They are informative and can tell a story – the letter specification allows you to send 100grams – that’s 16 pages of A4 at 100gsm! Now that’s a lot of information
  3. They are trusted – fake news is a real concern – however the written word is trusted and will add credibility to online messaging.

Paper click is the new way to think about and measure mail and door drops. Conversion is still the ultimate metric to use but even here mail isn’t as expensive as many would have you believe. Attribution for mail is often under reported and last click attribution certainly doesn’t do mail any favours. We’ve written more about this in our blog on digital marketing and mail.

Does mail drive opens and clicks?

We now know for certain that mail drives engagement. 71% of people open mail and 68% read/look at or glanced at it – so this is equivalent in digital terms to an open or even a click given the level of engagement.

So we now know that the Mail piece has been read and opened and on a mail campaign of 10,000 packs 3090 campaign impacts would have been achieved – of these

Increased mail interaction during Lockdown

Lastly, our world has changed with the advent of COVID 19 – we are working from home more, we are buying more, we are commuting less and we are becoming more responsive to mail!

According to JICMAIL, there has been a significant increase in open rates year on year, with DM far more likely to drive conversations and web traffic vs a year ago:

Paper Click is the new mail and door drop which integrates with your digital strategy to drive online impressions and conversions.

To see how Paper Click can enhance your digital marketing, contact Alistair Ezzy on

All data sourced from JICMAIL

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