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We help our customers communicate using the power of data, intelligent marketing and innovative print solutions

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The YM Group is the leading print and marketing solutions provider in the UK, offering an extensive range of quality products and services.

We set the standards in the industry with our innovative approach and creative solutions. Firmly believing anything is possible when you have the knowledge, technology, expertise and customer focus.

As a Group we offer a full suite of services from initial ideas stage straight through to the finished product or campaign. Our combined offering is unique in the marketplace in terms of the sheer scale and breadth of our capabilities, expertise, resources, equipment, technology and facilities.

COVID 19 Information

The YM Group continues to closely monitor developments in the spread of COVID-19 and the ongoing impact on our workforce and business. We are complying with the Government guidance on working safely, have carried out COVID-19 risk assessments at our sites and shared the results with our workforce. New measures have been implemented to safeguard the health of our employees and ensure work is undertaken safely during COVID-19. 

We are pleased to begin welcoming back our external visitors, including clients and contractors to our sites and offices. Visits will be via ‘appointment only’ and all visitors will be asked to complete a pre-arrival form prior to their arrival and strictly adhere to our guidelines whilst on site.

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Keeping relevant in challenging times

While many well-known brands are talking to their customers in a relevant and considerate way, others are not and trying to sell with aggressive offers. In these uncertain and unsettling times it is difficult to know what the right thing is to do…

-Debbie Conetta, Head of New Business Development, Go Direct Marketing

Save paper and stand out from the crowd by choosing short grain print

Long grain presses are ideal for standard A4 and A5 products, but when you’re looking for different formats then short grain comes into its own. We can configure formats that make you stand out, differentiate your brand and are more engaging to your customers, to encourage them to spend more. They also reduce paper waste which in turn means a more sustainable result and reduced costs; something that’s clearly of interest to our clients. When marketing budgets get tighter, clients look for ways to make effective changes and short grain products could be an option for them

 Rob Moules, Group Sales Manager 

A ‘barn door’ cover allows you to reveal an aspirational or new product behind a split in the magazine cover. The pages are held together either with adhesive or tiny tabs of paper – so the customer can peel back the pages to see exciting products beneath

YM GROUP TIPS for switching from poly to paper wrap

YM GROUP TIPS for lower customer product returns

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