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BPIF Health & Safety Seal of Excellence

9th November 2018 | Categories: Pindar, The Lettershop Group, YM Chantry, YM Group, York Mailing

The YM Group is proud to announce that all four of its operational companies – YM Chantry Ltd, Pindar Scarborough Ltd, The Lettershop Group and York Mailing Ltd – have all recently successfully gained the BPIF Seal of Excellence for Health and Safety Peter Greaves, Managing Director of the web division, said ‘We’re delighted to…

Halloween Mailer

30th October 2018 | Categories: The Lettershop Group

It’s Halloween and here are some scary statistics on plastic in our lives: The world uses over 300M tonnes of plastic per year (UNEP) Up to 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die each year from eating plastic (Monterey Bay Aquarium) By 2050 the amount of plastic in the world could…

Not so plastic fantastic

23rd August 2018 | Categories: The Lettershop Group, York Mailing

Simon Cooper, Managing Director at Lettershop comments on Paper Wrap in the recent article “Not so plastic fantastic” in Print Business.    

A digital journey with Lettershop

3rd July 2018 | Categories: The Lettershop Group

Simon Cooper, Managing Director at The Lettershop Group in Leeds, United Kingdom, recently shared his thoughts on the Lettershop Group’s Digital Print Journey. Simon is enthusiastic about the results so far and excited about what the future holds for The Lettershop Group (TLG) and the print industry. Read below to learn a little more about…

Robin Skinner joins Lettershop

27th June 2018 | Categories: The Lettershop Group

Lettershop has recently welcomed Robin Skinner to the team as Business Development Manager. Robin has spent the last 11 years at Eclipse 4DM and, prior to that, worked for Colorgraphic (Vertis) for 14 years. Lance Hill, Sales Director is delighted that Robin has joined the team, ““I had to wait a bit of time to…