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Home Retail Group awards YM Group with “Job of the Year 2018”
1st November 2018 | Categories: YM Group | Tags: 2018, Award, Home Retail Group, Sainsbury’s Argos

YM Group has, for the second consecutive year, been awarded “Job of the Year 2017” in the Home Retail Group’s (HRG) internal print awards. This prestigious award was given by the Sainsbury’s Argos Print Buying team.

Each print job is scored against important key performance indicators: sales account management, strategic account direction, print and finishing quality, deliveries, file copies and general overall service. The jobs which score the highest are awarded one of the following: Job of the Year, Customer Service Team of the Year, Most Flexible Supplier, and Quality Job.

YM Group were presented with two certificates for the same job, which is quite unusual as Chris Cowley, Sales Director at York explains. “The award was a recognition of our exceptional customer service. There was four issues to the “Browser” print job. The first three were handled by a very experienced Customer Services Representative at Pindar, Paul Riley. Unfortunately, Paul was taken ill before the fourth piece was printed so I stepped in to manage the final part. We were presented with two certificates for the same job, one for Paul and one for me, in recognition of the smooth handover. There were no quality issues and all the deadlines were met. Our client was delighted.”

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