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Intelligent Acquisition Webinar – 9th September 2021 9.30am

Are you looking for intelligent ways to acquire new customers? For the latest updates, information and ideas, don’t miss our packed webinar on 9th September 2021. Hear from leading industry experts on all aspects of acquisition strategy from how to plan, who to target and the best way to deliver the message. 

Speakers include: Jodie Hanrahan, EDIT & Karen Pierre, RSPCA talking through their case study; Andrew Creed, Hurdle & Jamie Jaggard, Weezy showing door drops for ecommence brands; Mark Davies, Whistl, on planning for success; Ben Briggs, EDIT, on media integration; Mark Cross, JICMAIL, on a year of mail effectiveness and our own Alistair Ezzy on winning formats for acquisition. 

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  • Welcome & Introduction – Mark Davies, Whistl
  • Latest JICMAIL insights – Mark Cross, JICMAIL
  • Creative insights – Alistair Ezzy, The Lettershop Group
  • RSPCA Case Study – Jodie Hanrahan, Edit / Karen Pierre, RSPCA
  • Planning for success – Mark Davies, Whistl
  • Media integration – Ben Briggs, Edit
  • Doordrops for Ecommerce brands – Andrew Creed, Hurdle & Jamie Jaggard, Weezy
  • Q/A
  • Wrap up and goodbye

Please note that this session will be recorded. All attendees’ cameras will be switched off and microphones will be muted during this webinar.

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