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Format ideas for Christmas mailings!

Mail is even more powerful during the Christmas period as shown in our blog.

Below we’ve suggested some creative ideas so your mailings excite your customers, support your digital marketing and deliver sales. 

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Glitter varnish to impress

A brilliant way to impress your customers and drive sales – a gold glitter varnish provides an exclusive touch to your valued customer mailings.

Available in many colours to match your campaigns.

Enticing reveal

Your key customer message is hidden behind an enticing reveal, adding drama and excitement to your offers and promotions. 

Multiple shapes can be used to make your mailing memorable.

Advent Calendar

A brilliant way to keep your mail idea in the home for the run up to Christmas! Reveal multiple messages to intrigue your customers and drive sales. 

The number and shape of the windows can be varied to your campaign.

Exclusive Brochure Cover

Let your customers browse their favourite items from your store in their own exclusive catalogue. Make it stand out by using silver personalisation on the cover. 

Covers can include personalisation, store cards and order forms.

Raising your game

A simple effect providing a luxury feel – use embossing to provide customers with a sensory experience reflecting your brand messaging. 

Many types of emboss can be used.

Metallic Ink

Reinforce your Christmas greetings by highlighting your key message with metallic ink. A simple and effective way of creating a special feel and showcasing your offers and promotions. 

A range of ink colours are available

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