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When you’re sending engaging, interactive, personalised mail, you know it drives response. Now you can use technology to easily link your customers to relevant, accountable and immersive online brand experiences with EasyZap.

EasyZap is an intelligent QR code printed on your mail which links directly to your campaign landing pages, videos, sound files, calendar invites and contact details and provides activity reporting.

It’s easy to use, it takes your customers straight to your product or service page and it reports on the traffic generated.

Try it for yourself - Hold your phone’s camera over the link below to see EasyZap in real time

Try EasyZap and drive excitement, engagement and sales. There is also an incentive being offered at the moment by Royal Mail as detailed in their latest blog about the resurgence and use of QR codes. Why wouldn’t you try it?

To test your own EasyZap and connect your mail to your online content, call Alistair on 0113 231 1113 or email Alistair.ezzy@tlg.co.uk

Read our FAQ’s below for more details about EasyZap:

Why would marketers want to use EasyZap?

QR (Quick Response) codes are a great tool to drive traffic from print media, such as Inserts, door drops, newspaper ads, and direct mail, to a webpage such as an offer page, order page, blog or social media profile.

The benefit for marketers is it allows the use of the existing landing pages or online content. Much like PPC, you can direct your customer’s journey straight to relevant place. 10% of recipients of retail direct mail visit the sender’s website1 , so make sure they are seeing your offers.

Why is 2020 the year for EasyZap?

The barrier to adoption was the requirement to download an app before you could scan a QR code. Something that was supposedly simple and easy just became a hassle.

However 2017’s iOS 11 update allows QR codes to be scanned directly through the camera app. That means, QR codes are now native to most smartphones, and users no longer need to download a separate app to use QR codes. The latest Android smartphones have also made QR code scanning an essential feature.

So access to the web is as simple as switching on your camera and scanning the QR code.

Can I get analytics?

Yes. One of the challenges of printed media like door drop and direct mail is there are a lot of assumptions as to what a customer does with a mailing. JICMAIL gives us an insight from a research perspective but EasyZap allows you to track the consumer on their QR journey.

  • Learn what works – Understand what performs well and what doesn’t by comparing different call to actions, assets and campaigns, driving improvements and innovation.
  • Understand your customers – Surface powerful insights on your customers, from what time of day they’re interacting with your product to which category or features they prefer – all in real-time.
  • Measure ROI – Attribute traffic, sign-ups and sales to your campaigns. Compare alongside your existing marketing channels to offer complete oversight and maximum ROI.

This data can all be provided in the EasyZap dashboard so that you can measure the interactions and understand/improve the customer journey.

Can it be personalised?

The EasyZap can be a generic code where there is no consumer information or to get more enriched data the mail piece could have a unique code allocated to that address.

Using a unique code allows you to further customise the online experience:

  • Pre-Personalised landing page
  • Pre – completed order or enquiry forms
  • Different offers or levels of offers
  • Different creative executions
  • Bespoke online journey


Save Money/Fund your EasyZap project with a Royal Mail Incentive

Royal Mail have launched an emerging technology Test and innovation incentive. The first technology focus is QR codes.

Essentially it is a standard TIS coupled with a proposition. However, there’s an added bonus that Royal Mail will offer the higher TIS rate (15% for Advertising Mail or 30% for Business Mail) for qualifying tests.

So now is the perfect time to add an EasyZap

Do I have to use a standard QR style code?

No, if you think standard black and white QR codes look boring, have some fun and create a better looking QR code to match your branding or offer. There are lots of options available:

  • Change the Colour – what colour would you like? As long as it scans you can have it.
  • Change the Size – make it bigger or smaller
  • Add Artwork – embed your logo in the EasyZap code

You can have an invisible watermark so that the code doesn’t interfere with your creative execution. This is great however remember it needs to be easy for the consumer to find the code to scan it and if it’s hidden – well that’s not easy is it?

How easy is it to get started with EasyZap?

The common barrier to using technology is that it creates extra work and effort that already time-poor marketing professionals don’t have the capacity to absorb. EasyZap uses your existing online content so in the simplest of cases it is a case of us attributing the URL to the EasyZap code.

If you want to create bespoke content for a campaign or Augmented reality this will take time, planning and creative execution but to trial a simple web experience using existing online content will take less than 24 hours.

A great example of how to use EasyZap can be found in our case study for Selections – Strathaven.

1Source: JICMAIL Item Data Q2 2017 to Q1 2020; Retailer (e.g. clothing, household electrical etc.) Addressed Mail sample size = 11435

Proof that EasyZap is really Easy and drives traffic

Selections is a brilliant new use of print and mail which allows 6 non-competing advertisers to share equal space on a joint mailing wallet with content including vouchers and offers based on local relevance, promoting and supporting the local community and high street.

As the Advertisers only have a limited area for their story and offers – EasyZap allowed Consumers to receive a wealth of relevant offers and to engage online with the brand to extend and enrich the customer experience and journey.

Advertisers benefit from the shared cost of distribution, highly targeted to individual/postcode and each leaflet is personalised allowing attribution and control of the customer digital experience. By combining print and digital, advertisers had the very best opportunity of winning new customers and standing out against their competition.

Each business had the same issue of attracting new customers and had found that online advertising wasn’t cost effective or delivering the volume of new clients.

All 6 advertisers saw increased business from a minimal investment with most reporting an ROI of 150%. This demonstrates how powerful print and mail is when produced to a high standard, targeted to the right people and easily linked to the digital world.

“Selections allowed us to reach new customers and tell our story using the QR codes linking to our online content. We saw an immediate uplift in customers in our bar/restaurant etc as soon as the mailer was delivered.”

“We were finding it difficult to reach new customers using online and local directories – Selections allowed us to cut through in a package with 6 other local businesses. It was a cost-effective channel to showcase our services and the business uplift was immediate.”

“Combining the printed insert and the online access via the QR code gave us the opportunity to showcase our services, tell our story and give the recipients a real feel of what we are about. The quality of the mailing was exceptional which further strengthened the image we wanted to portray. Activity in store was certainly noticeably busier after the mailing landed. The reporting from the click throughs allowed us to see the activity selections had created.”

To test your own EasyZap and connect your mail to your online content, call Alistair on 0113 231 1113 or email Alistair.ezzy@tlg.co.uk

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