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Presenting just a few of a vast array of formats suitable for the publishing sector using our die cutting and coating technology to bring your inserts and covers to life like never before.

Product Slides

A brief glimpse into the world of Lettershop showcasing just a few of our innovative formats and ideas, each able to lend itself to every advertising sector.

Inline Maltese Cross


This is a great option when you want a format that can be produced at high runs, but which lets you control how your message is revealed. This format can be fully personalised for great customer engagement

Maltese Cross example

Sachet Mailer​


Customers love to try a new product. Use our sample wallet to send them a trial sachet and include a personalised offer and voucher for the full-sized product. This can be used for items such as tea bags and cosmetic cream sachets. All are subject to test

Car Shaped Mailer


This is a brilliant format for exciting and engaging your customers. The die-cut car shape creates immediate interest and lets you include a separate flyer inside for more information. The flaps on the outside allow you to include additional messages for your customers

Stepped Brochure With a Flap


When you need multiple pages to explain a range of products, but want to take advantage of sending a one piece mailer, this format is for you. Use the stepped edge to pique interest in multiple offers and services and lead your customers through to a compelling call to action. This format can be fully personalised for greater engagement

Extended Maltese format


This is the perfect format when you need additional space to showcase your products and services in greater detail or with additional offers. This mailer can be produced quickly and be fully personalised

Heart and Card Mailer​


A striking format showing how simple die-cutting can create an effective design. In this format, the internal heart-shaped flyer has a detachable card for customers to keep and use later. The shape can be altered to suit your campaign. The shape is then wrapped in an inline envelope for ease of production and delivery to your customers

Inline Invite Pack with Flyer


A lovely format with an impressive reveal to show three separate flyers. These can carry information about services and offers. This format can be produced quickly and be fully personalised for maximum customer engagement

3D Double Pop Up​


Bring your products and services to life with our 3D pop-up. Use our capability to include either one or two pop-up scenes to really engage your customers and use the one piece mailer format to quickly and efficiently explain your core marketing message and call to action. This format can be fully personalised for greater customer engagement

Christmas Double Pop up

Wallet with 3 Inserts


Include 3 separate messages in a neat wallet format with this mailer. Each flyer can be a separate message and all can be fully personalised to engage your customer and drive response



Use this format to intrigue your customers with a question and answer marketing message. Control what they see and when and use the format to drive engagement and response



A really interactive format designed to involve your customers in your messaging. This lets you provide multiple choices for your offers and promotions and drive customer interest online or in store

Shaped format


Use the space on this shaped, roll-folded brochure to include information about products and services. The shape can be altered to suit your marketing campaign and provide an immediate striking difference on the door mat. You can include personalised offers and vouchers to drive customers in store and online

Balloon Shaped OPM

YM Group Nested Range


If you are creating a Door Drop or an Instore leaflet, check out our wide range of press finished, quick turnaround products, including our Nested range.
The YM Group Nested range is essentially a leaflet within a leaflet. It can also be a poster/wall chart within a leaflet.
These can be produced in a variety of paginations, sizes and papers weights.
The nested section can focus on selling a different set of products to the main leaflet eg a Mother’s Day or Xmas Special range.
Supermarkets use the Nested products to produce 2 sets/weeks of product offers within one Door Drop.
Nested are also ideal as a revenue stream to allow a third party to advertise/sell using this extra section.


Using fragrance means creating an emotional connection with your customers. TLG can help you to incorporate scent into your mail formats. This will give your product an advantage when the customer is making the decision to purchase. This ensures your mailing delivers even better results. 

Butterfly Pop Up Insert


Add the wow factor to your inserts!

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