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Throughout COVID-19 our priority has been to look after our workforce and customers. We would like to reassure you that we are still closely managing developments, implementing new procedures and following guidance and advice from the relevant Government health officials, as well as the British Printing Industries Federation

Business preparations, preventative actions and planning in the event of an occurrence

  • YM Group continues to closely monitor developments in the spread of Coronavirus and the potential impact on our business. We are taking guidance and advice from the relevant Government agencies and the British Printing Industries Federation. The Group will take the necessary action where appropriate
  • YM Group senior management team is meeting regularly to assess the potential impact on our business and ensure that the necessary actions are taken to protect our workforce and printed product output
  • YM Group operates across multiple sites with four standalone production facilities. In the unlikely event that a specific site is affected, we have a robust Disaster Recovery & Contingency Plan in place for our printing, binding and mailing operations, enabling us to continue production and deliver our customers’ products
  • External visitors to our sites and offices are now via appointment only and all visitors will be asked to complete a pre arrival form prior to their arrival and strictly adhere to our guidelines whilst on site
  • External contact where appropriate is made via telephone, video conference and e-mail
  • Where appropriate staff are working from home. Those needed on-site to ensure manufacturing output are adopting discretion to minimise personal contact. Teams are being split into different offices and areas. Shift systems ensure that staff on different shifts do not meet face-to-face at any point
  • We are systematically sanitising areas of regular usage, such as on press and clocking-in points
  • We are offering active advice and guidance to our employees as a matter of course on a regular update basis


  • We are adhering to travel advice and warnings from relevant Public Health and Government authorities in respect of where our employees may travel.
  • Within the UK, business trips have been reduced to only those, which are necessary. The YM Group senior management team makes the final decision in such instances

Suppliers and stocks

  • We are in on-going, daily dialogue with our suppliers
  • We are also communicating with our suppliers to ensure that the necessary systems and procedures are in place within their respective businesses to offer surety of supply and that our requirements are being met. To date we have received no feedback to cause concern and we are not aware of any impact or threats that would affect our supply of goods and services
  • We have increased stock levels of materials necessary to ensure failsafe production, such as plates, ink and where practical, paper

Delivering printed products for our clients

  • We are in constant dialogue with our client base
  • We are also making plans with various clients to offer back-up services in the event of the inability of their other suppliers to deliver their obligations
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