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Do you want your publication to stand out from the crowd and save paper & money?

The solution is to find a printer with a range of short grain, web offset presses.

A traditional litho, long grain, web offset printing press is designed to produce A4 (297 x 210mm)  and A5 (210 x 148mm) size magazines and catalogues cost effectively. 

However, the market demanded a greater choice of size formats to stand out from the crowd without wasting paper and so short grain presses were developed.

In simple terms, the key differences between long and short grain presses are the width and circumference of the printing rollers. Short grain press rollers are wider with a smaller circumference which leads to the printed pages being laid down in a different direction.

The importance being, this allows you to have a shorter product in height than 297mm eg 280mm but maintaining the 210mm width.

Many other formats are available. Square products eg 210 x 210mm, are different and a popular choice for cataloguers.


  • Change your book size from 297 x 210 to 280 x 210mm
    This will give you a % total weight of paper saved and a more sustainable solution
    See if your readers notice?
  • Change your book size from 297 x 210 to 250 x 210mm
    This means more pages are printed in one section off the press, saving press time, energy and paper
    You could also finish in line with glue/stitching to make a self cover product that will also improve your speed to market

Long grain presses are ideal for standard A4 and A5 products, but when you’re looking for different formats then short grain comes into its own. We can configure formats that make you stand out, differentiate your brand and are more engaging to your customers, to encourage them to spend more. They also reduce paper waste which in turn means a more sustainable result and reduced costs; something that’s clearly of interest to our clients. When marketing budgets get tighter, clients look for ways to make effective changes and short grain products could be an option for them

Rob Moules, Group Sales Manager 

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