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Customer insight drives sales for Silver by Mail


With 4 years of limited growth Silver by Mail was looking to drive revenues and boost customer recruitment to move the business forward. Silver by Mail engaged Go Direct Marketing (GDM) as their agency to work across their retention and acquisition campaigns with the aim of increasing new customer numbers as well as revenues and engagement from existing customers.


Go Analyse. GDM set up automated data feeds which loaded directly into their web-platform, Go Analyse. This gave Silver by Mail hourly updates on their KPIs to see how their new and existing customers were trading within a campaign, month, and compared with the previous year. Average order values were tracked as well as sales per customer and with real-time information this gave Silver by Mail the ability to react to the current market conditions.
Key to this were the matchbacks on the performance of the o?ine campaigns. These could be processed online, as and when required, to give an up-to-date reading of the campaign down to individual segment level.
Propensity Modelling. GDM also built a propensity model to improve the performance of the mailings to existing customers. By using online browsing behaviour and email interaction data alongside existing transactional information, the predictive model was able to show an uplift of over 10% compared to previous mailing selections. Coupled with mailing volume analysis this gave Silver by Mail the ability to plan mailing volumes with the utmost e?ciency to minimise wastage and maximise ROI.

Recruitment: Response rates for recruitment had been declining and it was proving increasingly di?cult to recruit customers pro?tably. Instead of the normal discount o?ers that are commonplace, GDM and Silver by Mail tested a strategy of sending a free pair of earrings to potential customers to see how this would a?ect the response rates and average order values (AOVs).


Overall Silver by Mail is very pleased with the implementation of all the new
strategies and sales are 20% up year-on-year (in a difficult trading period for retail).
• The free earring campaign showed a 66% uplift in response rate and a 12% increase in AOV over a stand-alone catalogue
• Overall efficiencies and planning are delivering improved revenues after 6 months
• 30% up on new customer numbers after a 5 month period
• These new customers are delivering nearly 50% more revenue compared to the  previous year
• Existing customers are ordering more frequently and spending more each time


“ We are very pleased to be working with
Go Direct and are looking forward to years of continued growth in a challenging market.”

Gareth Perry, Marketing Director, Silver by Mail