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Festive sparkle for “Treats” campaign


“Treats” is a campaign that M&S typically runs 3 to 4 times a year. This is a 4 page booklet with dry peel vouchers enclosed into a conventional outer. Nearer to Christmas however M&S likes to di?erentiate the format and add an element of sparkle for the festive season.


M&S initially asked the creative team at Lettershop to design an 8 page booklet with a dry peel voucher and window patch through which the end recipient could view the internal creative, a Christmas scene.
As the creative brief progressed, the Lettershop team developed ideas to incorporate a pop up Santa design, followed with further enhancements including a double die cut with box section pop up and high velocity gloss UV varnish with glitter particles. At each stage the design team presented M&S with a CAD allowing them to visualise how the product would appear.


The Lettershop design team provided an exciting and innovative way for M&S to showcase their offers to loyal customers. The pop up Santa was ultimately replaced with a pop up voucher.

• Creative ideas made into practical solutions
• 3D moveable CAD showcases design ideas
• High velocity UV varnish with glitter particles

“We listen to and work with our clients to bring them the most cost effective and innovative ideas we can, supporting them from the initial stages through to delivery of a successful campaign.”

Neil Bramma, Product Design Technician, Lettershop