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In a challenging environment you need something different – innovative ways to engage your audience, stand out from the crowd and drive sales. Research shows that mail stays in the home 7.76 days1 – in contrast to seconds for other marketing channels. 14% of all direct mail is discussed with someone and 7% drives customers to your website1.

Don’t overlook the power of mail to support your multi-channel campaigns. We’ve shown that regionality helps improve your responses and also that younger audiences respond to mail. As experts, we’re here to advise how best to target and design your formats to deliver outstanding results.

So what new ideas would work for you? Alistair Ezzy, Sales Director, talks about this during his participation in Print Week’s recent roundtable. Solving problems, talking to customers and testing new ideas are all part of the service to bring innovation to our customers campaigns. To help you, we’ve put together 5 steps to bring innovation into your campaigns.

  1. Format design

From simple peel back products to outstanding pop up ideas, Lettershop have the expertise and experience to design a bespoke, interactive format that will impress your customers and drive more sales. Let us re-imagine your creative ideas to devise a new mail piece which could include offers, coupons, door hangers…  For inspiration look at our Creative Corner.

  1. Speed to Market

Let us advise you on faster routes to creating stand out mailings, reduce the time to market and react to your competitors’ activity, fast. Easymailer has been specifically designed to meet this challenge combining the look of a traditional mail pack but with the creative space of a leaflet.

  1. Planning

Getting the message to the right audience is crucial. We can help plan the distribution of the media and advise what distribution channels to use to maximise return on investment (ROI) – Door drop (sector), Team (Micro sector) or Partially Addressed (Postcode level). Our Pebl software can help you target you best prospect households for your next Partially Addressed campaign. Younger audiences respond to mail so why not test this target audience and use QR codes as links to landing pages on your website?

  1. Timing and frequency

Could there be better days for the leaflets/mailers to land or could you benefit from regular mail activity to drive website visits – your own physical PPC channel? We’ll help you consider frequency to drive regular sales with refreshed offers.

  1. Personalisation

Consider the introduction of full colour personalisation along with generic information to benefit from greater efficiencies. Providing tailored and personalised offers to customers improves responses and we can advise how to incorporate this into existing mailings or new campaigns. Regionality and local information improve engagement and our digital solutions allow you to be more relevant to your customers and prospects.

Driving innovation in mail is key to success. Let Lettershop help you explore how to make this work for you.

1 Source: JICMAIL Item Data Q2 2017 to Q1 2020; Total Addressed Mail sample size = 67470

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