Are you looking to mitigate forthcoming paper price increases? | YM Group

We know that forthcoming paper price increases will impact your print spend and put further pressure on your budget.

Here at the YM Group we’ve got a great printing technology in place which could help you mitigate the paper price rise without having to compromise on quality, number of pages or volume you want to print.

Our unique multi-site, short grain printing technology enables you to produce publications with no paper waste, reducing the required tonnage of paper and therefore reducing costs too.

So how does it work? Essentially, using the example of an A4 product (297 x 210mm), the height of the publication is reduced to 280mm and width stays 210mm, giving significant paper savings. As a further option, reducing the product height to 250mm yields additional cost benefits.

Short grain printing ticks several environmental boxes too. The process doesn’t just prevent lots of unnecessary paper being manufactured or trimmed to waste during printing, it saves energy too, as the product is on press for a shorter period.

Whilst our range of printing presses means we can produce ‘standard’ A4 and A5 products efficiently, feedback from our customers who have already switched to a short grain format is that their ‘non-standard’ formats stand out more with customers or readers.

In addition to a reduced height size, our 210mm square format is a popular stand-out product, as well as having lower costs and being eco-friendly.

We offer short grain printing from our Pindar Scarborough, York Mailing and YM Chantry sites, so you can be assured we’ve got robust continuity options in place.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you deliver cost-efficient, sustainable, stand-out formats to your internal customers. Contact your YM Group representative now to find out what your options could be.

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