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Simon Cooper, Managing Director at The Lettershop Group in Leeds, United Kingdom, recently shared his thoughts on the Lettershop Group’s Digital Print Journey. Simon is enthusiastic about the results so far and excited about what the future holds for The Lettershop Group (TLG) and the print industry. Read below to learn a little more about TLG’s approach, experience with Kodak and the results so far.

Kodak: How/What would the future have looked like without hybrid and digital printing integrated into the printing operations at TLG?
Simon Cooper: TLG would certainly would have missed many opportunities. The journey we have been on has required us to take a consultative approach with our clients and shift conversations from price to adding value and improving speed to market.

Kodak: How does TLG approach the new and existing customers to explore the use of digital printing?
Cooper: During our initial discussions with a client, we know that price will be at the forefront of their mind, often as a result of their past experience of other digital print platforms. We use the term ‘Litho Replacement’ as we are in control of our digital costs and we actively engage in simplifying the process and in many cases replacing the traditional print technology or litho.

The use of samples, capability overviews and visits to the TLG factory help to enrich and build confidence with prospective clients. Whenever possible, TLG runs customer sample data with their client’s own logos, brands and offers because seeing both the quality and themselves in the printed solutions is key to adoption. TLG finds that combining targeted data and clever format creativity creates a simple to understand but very effective and efficient workflow that has the ‘speed to market’ in both low and high volumes that our clients require today.

Kodak: What does TLG anticipate in the near future? Are new products are being considered?
Cooper: TLG continues to drive digital print adoption for direct mail and retail/commercial catalogues in both retention and acquisition campaigns. TLG anticipates that current campaigns will continue to switch from traditional print to digital with the opportunities for more targeted individual campaigns. With the new delivery services like Acquisition Mail the future is very exciting and the campaign possibilities are endless.

TLG also has their eye on environmental issues and anticipates that a robust paper based solution that can be digitally printed with variable content to replace plastic wraps for magazines and catalogues will be a big hit. The need for environmentally friendly solutions is paramount and TLG is taking the lead with this.

Kodak: Any regrets about the way that TLG has moved while on their digital journey? Should you have considered other digital technologies such as Drop on Demand?
Cooper: No regrets, TLG feels that the KODAK NexPress, Prosper S-Series and 6000C Press provide exceptional quality and it has been a fantastic journey along the way. Kodak have been a fantastic partner to TLG. There are still many places to go in the future with the technology and TLG is excited about the opportunities ahead and the continued partnership with Kodak.

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